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The intelligent pharmaceutical supply chain

Enable a superior patient-and-caregiver experience with a leading-edge digital supply chain

Healthcare & life sciences

The BIG patent expiry question: Why sink when you can sail?

Riding the wave of medicine loss-of-exclusivity to gain improved returns

Healthcare & life sciences

Digitalization trends in the health care industry

ConhIT report: Health care shows great promise for digitalization initiatives

Healthcare & life sciences

Digitalisierungstrends im Gesundheitswesen

ConhIT Report: Das Gesundheitswesen birgt hohes Potential für Digitalisierungsinitiativen

Healthcare & life sciences

Pharmacovigilance literature review in the age of precision medicine

Injecting technology solutions into the literature-review Process

Healthcare & life sciences

Finding the needle in the PV haystack

Injecting technology solutions into the literature review process in pharmacovigilance (PV)

Healthcare & life sciences

Transforming medical technology businesses to create value with digital

Healthcare & life sciences, Digital company transformation

The advent of consumer owned genetic profiles

Personal genetic services due for explosive growth

Healthcare & life sciences

Seizing the digital opportunities in pharma

Preparing your organization and monetizing the digital technologies

Healthcare & life sciences, Strategy, Organization & transformation

Launch excellence for new medicines

Global challenges require new approach for market entry

Healthcare & life sciences