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UK | Real Business | 25. Februar 2015

88% companies are unsatisfied with their efforts when it comes to breakthrough innovation

Innovation today is a key driver of organic growth for all companies—regardless of sector or geography. And it is increasingly important for companies to be able to deliver a pipeline of “breakthrough (or radical) innovations” in order to respond to emerging competition and increasing customer power. In this article, the journalist discusses the key findings of Arthur D Little’s report, 'Systematising Breakthrough Innovation.'

Germany | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung | 17. Februar 2015

The airport is becoming a shopper’s paradise

The retail market is suffering due to the strong competition with online shopping. Many people order items online from home instead of going downtown. This development is forcing retailers to change their strategies. Retailers open their shops where customers spend their time for example, airports and train stations. The idea is that people spend their ‘waiting time’ exploring the shops. Global Management Consultancy, Arthur D. Little’s latest research found that many hub airports already make more than 50 % of their revenues with this kind of business. The trends have been set in Asia and the US and Europe’s train stations and airports have recently discovered the new markets. Nevertheless, the Arthur D. Little expects predict that the cooperation between shopping and public infrastructure is going to have a successful future.

UK | Pharmaceutical Marketing Europe | 15. Februar 2015

Anticipating the future in healthcare

The key players in the global healthcare ecosystem all have high expectations for the future:  the industry believes that revenues and profits will increase, governments and funders expect more job opportunities and higher standards of welfare delivered at a lower cost, while patients are looking for improved care and treatment methods. However, there are massive challenges to overcome in order to meet these growing demands whilst maintaining affordability. In this article, a guest feature written by Nils Bohlin, Dr Thilo Kaltenbach, Dr Ulrica Sehlstedt and Vikas Kharbanda at Arthur D. Little, the authors discuss why today’s healthcare model is simply not sustainable and why innovation seems to be the only way forward to provide significant opportunities for market participants.

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Germany | Manager Magazin | 29. Januar 2015

Wind power overtakes nuclear power

Wind energy is one of the world’s booming industries and globally the power capacity of wind power stations has overtaken the power capacity of nuclear power stations. However, wind parks only produce electricity when there is enough wind and a look at the share price makes it clear that all in all, there is still nearly four times the amount of nuclear power being produced. Nevertheless there is little doubt that wind energy will be a future method to generate electricity, whereas nuclear power is losing its status in many countries. For example, Europe and the USA are both investing a lot to get away from nuclear power technology which is perceived as risky. Although China and other emerging markets are still building new nuclear power stations, they are simultaneously focusing on building and developing renewable technologies as well. The author points out that wind engines are among the cheapest methods of energy production. German producers and suppliers will benefit a lot from the increasing market.

Germany | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung | 28. Januar 2015

Apple’s record breaking revenue

The American technology giant Apple has published its quarterly balance sheet and the company’s revenues have again broken previous records. The F.A.Z. newspaper recently published a few comparisons to show how impressive Apple’s figure is and came to the conclusion that 18 billion dollars would be just enough to finance the dismantling of all German nuclear power stations. The figure is based on an estimate by Global Management Consultancy, Arthur D. Little.

Germany | | 21. Januar 2015

Experts advise hospitals making a loss should cooperate with retailers

German hospitals are suffering from financial hardships. A recent report points out that one in five hospitals are close to bankruptcy. Management Consultancy experts at Arthur D. Little advise hospitals to start cooperating with retailers in order to solve the situation. Hospitals should consider renting out space to retailers so that patients, guests and residents can do their shopping there. The rent paid to the hospitals would be a welcome extra revenue for hospitals short on money. The concept is already in use at airports and train stations. Big international hub airports already make more than 50 % of their revenue outside the core business. Even hospitals abroad such as USA and Sweden have managed to implement a successful retailer concept by offering shops, restaurants and even spas to customers.

Germany | Einkäufer im Markt | 15. Januar 2015

Mit dem Best-Landed-Cost-Ansatz die kostengünstigste Alternative finden

Die Zeiten der „low hanging fruits“ sind nach Jahren der Professionalisierung des Einkaufs vorbei. Es gilt heute, die gesamte Bandbreite des Einkaufsinstrumentariums global anzuwenden, anstatt lokale Einkaufskonditionen lediglich um wenige Prozentpunkte zu optimieren. Jüngste Studien von Arthur D. Little belegen hierbei großen Aufholbedarf. Wie sich suboptimale Lieferantenentscheidungen vermeiden lassen, zeigt der Gastbeitrag von Herrn Daniel Seitz in der Fachzeitschrift ‚Einkäufer im Markt‘.

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UK | Railway News | 15. Januar 2015

The future of urban mobility

All around the world, people are flocking to cities. This will be accompanied by massive growth in urban traffic, which is expected to triple by 2050. In this article, a guest feature written by Francois-Joseph Van Audenhove, Oleksii Korniichuk and Lucie Lammens at Arthur D. Little, the authors explain the urban mobility challenge and the four key dimensions that need to be addressed in order to put sustainable urban mobility systems in place.

UK | Automotive Megatrends | 13. Januar 2015

The future of urban mobility

Opportunities within extended mobility ecosystems

Both now and in the future, urban mobility poses a massive challenge, but also a great opportunity for business. In this article, a guest feature written by Francois-Joseph Van Audenhove, Oleksii Korniichuk and Lucie Lammens at Arthur D. Little, the authors shed light on possible future business models of urban mobility that can drive innovation across the ecosystem.

UK | Passion for Fresh Ideas | 02. Januar 2015

The Impact of Digital Health on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Results from a recent study conducted by Arthur D. Little and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology indicate that by 2020, the business model of the pharmaceutical industry will be transformed by digital health. The changing market environment will come with promising opportunities for established pharmaceutical companies to participate in a highly attractive and innovative segment. In this article, a guest feature written by Thilo Kaltenbach of Arthur D. Little, Thilo discusses the prerequisites for successful engagement in the digital health space and the importance of compelling digital health strategies.