Executive Event “Internet of Things”
27 September 2019

“IoT breakthrough – Is the industry ready?”

Our series of events on the Internet of Things is continued:  
We are pleased to announce our fourth global event with a get-together at the Munich Oktoberfest on September 27, 2019.
This year’s theme: “IoT breakthrough – Is the industry ready?”
We will consider the different perspectives to verify if and how the IoT is ready for widespread commercial success and disruption. We already have a great line-up of speakers from leading & innovative telcos, German industrial companies, vendors and for the first time investor representatives.
This year’s session will cover the following topics:

  • Breakthrough for IoT - Is the ROI positive yet?
  • Ubiquitous connectivity:  campus networks are more than the “dumb pipe"
  • The new roles: 
    • Telecom operator in IoT
    • Industry giant in IoT
    • Small players enabling large corporations through fast, radical and new use cases
  • Shifts:
    • In technology: from hardware to solutions
    • In solutions: delivering the world of new services
    • In opportunities: Materializing IoT in production
  • The new emerging ecosystem and how to make horizontal use cases work
  • Beyond commercial success: making IoT a societal success

We expect top-level keynotes and presentations as well as exciting discussions with more than 50 executive participants.