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Automotive Quarterly – Q3/2020

Die Automobilmärkte legen nach dem massiven Einbruch im ersten und zweiten Quartal des Jahres eine Aufholjagd hin. Die Erholung der Umsätze lässt in Verbindung mit Sparmaßnahmen die Profitabilität im dritten Quartal nach oben schießen. Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mit dem aktuellen Automotive Quarterly...

Data-driven healthcare

Analyzing the forces driving the transformation of healthcare

Following on the heels of other industries, the healthcare sector is undergoing a critical transformation to become datadriven. As this revolution comes to the forefront, technology trends are emerging, but other interconnected factors related to both how data is gathered or analyzed and how...
Healthcare & life sciences

Wasserstoff – Strategie erforderlich

Wo und wie sollten sich Energieversorger beim Wasserstoff engagieren?

Spätestens seit der Veröffentlichung der Wasserstoffstrategie der deutschen Bundesregierung ist Wasserstoff zum Dauerthema bei Energieversorgern geworden. Befeuert wird es u.a. durch die Förderprojekte des Bundes, mit denen Regionen und Kommunen Pilotanwendungen planen und realisieren können....
Utilities & alternative energy

Project crisis management

Improving energy projects’ resilience and facing uncertainty with confidence

Energy companies are increasingly relying on extremely large-scale investment projects (megaprojects) to respond to the energy transformation, build capacity and replace depleting energy sources. Ever-increasing technical and commercial complexity, coupled with high political instability, economy...
Utilities & alternative energy, Risk

Seizing the IoT opportunity in the 5G era

The make-or-break moment has arrived – how can operators make sure they are capturing the potential of IoT?

In light of accelerated industrial digitalization, there is a consensus that the IoT market has significant, yet untapped, potential. This potential seems more reachable with the arrival of 5G capabilities such as vastly improved speeds and reduced latency, all of which are poised to accelerate the...
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Managing competition, price and access

The changing paradigm for the pharmaceutical sector

High medicine prices impose a burden on national healthcare systems, where pharmaceuticals account for a significant share of spending, especially for countries in the early stages of maturity in the pharma sector. Competition authorities have expressed concerns that access to affordable,...
Healthcare & life sciences

Automotive Quarterly – Q2/2020

Nach dem turbulenten Jahresstart 2020 hat auch der weitere Jahresverlauf massive Schwankungen auf den Automobilmärkten mit sich gebracht. Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mit dem aktuellen Automotive Quarterly einen Einblick in wichtige Kennzahlen und mit unserem Sonderthema in die Zukunft des...

Successful Public-Private Partnerships

How countries should set up an effective ecosystem for public-private partnerships

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are an essential tool to satisfy and advance infrastructure needs worldwide. If planned, designed and implemented properly, PPPs can contribute to national development and growth across all socioeconomic sectors, benefiting private- and public-sector players....

The National Innovation Ecosystem

A holistic approach to designing an effective National Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation is key in driving social and economic development and bridging the wealth gap between emerging and developed countries. Over the last 50 years, only a few countries, such as South Korea and Singapore, have succeeded in unlocking the full benefits of nation-wide innovation. Instrumental...
Technology & innovation management

Electric buses

Growing towards a 50 percent global market share

Electric buses are expected to be more efficient and greener than diesel buses, and key to making cities more environmentally friendly. Every city must carefully choose its individual solution for its bus fleet, and OEMs have to be ready to mirror the local requirements by understanding the needs...
Travel & transportation