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Agritech to drive the next green revolution in India

Convergence of digital technologies to meet Indian challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses across many sectors globally, including India. Nevertheless, the recent growth of the agritech market in India reflects its enormous unrealized potential. Increased rural Internet penetration and the greater affordability of digital technologies...
Consumer goods & retail

Automotive Quarterly – Q1/2021

Die Automobilmärkte setzen ihren Aufwärtstrend im ersten Quartal 2021 weiter fort. Die Erholung der Umsätze setzt sich weiter fort und Profitabilitäten sind weiter auf Rekordniveau. In unserem Sonderthema geben wir einen Einblick in Geschäftsmodellen für EV Charging in Europa. Im Fokus stehen die...

Quenching digital thirst of water utilities

How should water utilities execute their digital transformation ?

Water utilities across the globe are under increased pressure due to challenges posed by rapid urbanization, climate change, aging infrastructure, high network losses, and increasing customer expectations. Innovation and cutting-edge digital technologies are proving critical in helping utilities...
Utilities & alternative energy

Transforming a utility company’s front line

A framework to optimize field force utilization and productivity

Previously stable and involatile utilities are entering a fast-transforming environment that requires rapid, decisive, and strategic actions. Utilities currently face higher cost and margin pressures stemming from scale and age of the network as well as regulatory mandates and competition. To...
Utilities & alternative energy

Die magische Million

Elektromobilität als Ökologisierungstreiber

Klimaneutralität ist die zentrale Säule des Green Deals, den die Präsidentin der Europäischen Kommission Ursula von der Leyen Ende 2019 vorgestellt hat. Der sehr ehrgeizige Vorschlag sieht eine Reduktion der Treibhausgase um 55 % bis 2023 im Vergleich zu 1990 vor. Während die Gesamtkosten von SARS-...

Paving the way for green hydrogen

Key considerations for green H2 deployment

Green hydrogen (H2) has become a key topic on the agenda of policy makers and industrial players, driven both by the global decarbonization push and the commercial opportunities that it could bring. Although ambitious targets have been set and multiple projects announced, the road toward the green...
Utilities & alternative energy

The role of green capital in financing a circular plastics economy

Key findings from an ADL executive webinar with corporates and investors

To meet sustainability challenges, corporates need to bring together technology, scale-up capabilities, and capital. As we outlined in our previous Viewpoint, “Green financing of corporate breakthroughs,” they now have access to a broader range of finance options. With all three blocks in place,...
Technology & innovation management

The Breakthrough Incubator: A proven approach

Explore and conquer new business territories

In the post-COVID world, achieving long-term revenue growth can be challenging, especially when core business growth prospects are limited or when disruptions or convergence mean a company has to move into new or unfamiliar areas. Acquisition-driven growth is expensive, while organic growth is slow...
Technology & innovation management

Conversion toward ultra-high efficiency

A step change in productivity and operational costs

To remain viable in today’s business world, incumbent companies across the globe are finding they need to adapt to constantly changing market needs. This has forced companies to make many additions to their original operational models, leading to a significant increase in the day-to-day complexity...
Operations management

Pivoting the international carrier business

Evolution of wholesale business and innovation in international telecoms

The international carrier industry has not brought much satisfaction over the past years. Traditional international carrier products are suffering low growth or are in structural decline, while service and asset innovators emerging in the adjacencies are making a mark in value creation. Telecom...
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)